Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Week 3

Week 3 Summary - The Commish's team is atrocious

Baggies Bombers crushed Weeden Wayne Bowe this week and replaced Tonka Time at the top spot in 100.1 Fieldhouse Fantasy FB. Baggies Bombers and Tonka Time have a 1.0-game lead on third-place Team Express. However, only 2.52 points stands between the top two teams. Team Express improved their standing the most last week, rising from eighth place to third. Weeden Wayne Bowe wasn't as lucky, falling from fourth to seventh. Baggies Bombers and Tonka Time are the last unbeaten teams left in the league.

Aaron it Out 110.60, CrabCakes & Football 89.22

DeMarco Murray scored a team-leading 26.30 points to help Aaron it Out (2-1, 294.72) take down CrabCakes & Football (1-2, 323.98), 110.60 - 89.22.

Disposable Heroes 72.74, Ira's Underachievers 61.70

Disposable Heroes (2-1, 316.90) got lucky this week, earning a 72.74 - 61.70 victory over Ira's Underachievers (1-2, 292.16) with just the week's 10th-highest point total. The 72.74 points put up by Disposable Heroes was the lowest winning score in the league this season.

Baggies Bombers 125.08, Weeden Wayne Bowe 84.90

With 32.78 points, Drew Brees recorded the highest score of the week and led Baggies Bombers to a 125.08 - 84.90 win over Weeden Wayne Bowe (1-2, 339.70). Baggies Bombers got the win even though they had two starters put up goose eggs.

Tonka Time 107.76, Throwing Claymakers 90.72

Peyton Manning had a big game Monday night, scoring 24.76 points to help Tonka Time (3-0, 345.02) beat Throwing Claymakers (2-1, 311.00), 107.76 - 90.72.

Need a Newhouse 103.14, The Lady MacArthurs 93.16

Need a Newhouse (1-2, 316.76) knocked off The Lady MacArthurs (0-3, 243.92), 103.14 - 93.16, after scoring 21.50 points on Monday night to come back and secure the win. At 9.98 points, the margin of victory was the smallest in the league this week.

Team Express 117.54, Callaway the Commish 69.86

Team Express (2-1, 347.98) killed Callaway the Commish (0-3, 221.38), 117.54 - 69.86, behind 19.20 points from Joique Bell. The 47.68-point margin of victory was the largest in the league this week.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Standings after Week 2

1avatar Tonka Time 2-0-0237.26W-253
2avatar Baggies Bombers 2-0-0222.46W-295
3avatar Throwing Claymakers 2-0-0220.28W-262
4avatar Weeden Wayne Bowe 1-1-0254.80W-184
5avatar Disposable Heroes 1-1-0244.16W-1113
6avatar CrabCakes & Football 1-1-0234.76L-11-
7avatar Ira's Underachievers 1-1-0230.46L-143
8avatar Team Express 1-1-0230.44W-11216
9avatar Aaron it Out 1-1-0184.12L-174
10avatar Need a Newhouse 0-2-0213.62L-2106
11avatar Callaway the Commish 0-2-0151.52L-231
12avatar The Lady MacArthurs 0-2-0150.76L-222

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week 1 Update...Yep, I'm in last

1avatar Tonka Time 1-0-0162.18W-1102
2avatar Ira's Underachievers 1-0-0134.68W-121
3avatar Throwing Claymakers 1-0-0124.60W-171
4avatar Aaron it Out 1-0-0111.02W-1112
5avatar CrabCakes & Football 1-0-0110.20W-16-
6avatar Baggies Bombers 1-0-0107.28W-142
7avatar Weeden Wayne Bowe 0-1-0126.58L-1121
8avatar Disposable Heroes 0-1-0113.56L-13-
9avatar Need a Newhouse 0-1-0113.36L-152
10avatar Team Express 0-1-092.62L-183
11avatar The Lady MacArthurs 0-1-072.82L-192
12avatar Callaway the Commish 0-1-065.72L-11-

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Commish's team

Thanks to all of the league-mates that came out to the Fieldhouse to draft last week. Here's my team. Yahoo! gave me a C+, but I don't think my team is all that terrible.

Aaron Rodgers
(GB - QB)

Marques Colston
(NO - WR)

Dwayne Bowe
(KC - WR)

David Wilson
(NYG - RB)

Stevan Ridley
(NE - RB)

Fred Davis
(Was - TE)

Eric Decker
(Den - WR)

Rashard Mendenhall
(Ari - RB)

Randy Bullock
(Hou - K)

(Pit - DEF)

Brandon Myers
(NYG - TE)

Greg Jennings
(Min - WR)

Joe Flacco
(Bal - QB)

DeAndre Hopkins
(Hou - WR)

Ryan Broyles
(Det - WR)

Pierre Thomas
(NO - RB)